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Where you can find eco friendly candle making supplies!

We carry some of the finest, premium fragrance oils on the market, most contain pure essential oils! Our oils were made exclusively for the Scented Nest. We strive to add new fantastic products all the time. Check out our new Essential Oils!

We specialize in incredible fragrance oils that are tested in soy candles and bath & body bases (although they can also be used in other waxes and applications). In addition, we offer other great products to help your business grow, such as, reed diffuser kits, candle containers, glass tumblers, travel tins, silver lids, country & primitive lids, wicks, bath & body products, and much more.
Our supplies may also be used for other applications and products - just be sure to test each product yourself. If you are looking to start your own candle making business, we are here to help. We love candle making and hope to inspire you with our products. Please come on in and have a look around. We will add new products often!

Candle Making Supplies - Scented Nest

How to Make Candles

This article covers the differences between fragrance oils vs. essential oils. Fragrance verses essentials oils.... Natural verses synthetic... Differences in opinions on these subjects often lead to debates.

How to Center the Wick

This tutorial explains all the steps you should take to get your wick centered in every jar. We cover topics like finding the center, tracing your wick, trimming your template, and placing your template under the jar.

How to Measure Fragrance Oils

Every supplier will provide a starting point of how much FO (fragrance oil) you can use in your soy candles. The amount needed to create a strong soy candle will depend on a few factors.