fragrance oils

 Highest Quality Custom Oils for Soy Candles.  Never Scrimp on Fragrance!
Most of our aromas contain Pure Essential Oils.  Never a Minimum!

SUGGESTIONS:  We recommend using 1 to 1.5 ounces of fragrance oil per pound of soy wax.  All fragrance oils are packaged by weight, NOT by volume - which is why there will be different fill lines in each fragrance bottle.  You will need to make your candles by weight also.  You will find that some oils weigh more than others!  This will insure a great scent throw.  Please read "How to Make Candles" for complete instructions.  It is very important to add the fragrance oils at a cooler temperature of 150 degrees.  The Scented Nest fragrance oils are great for other types of waxes as well as bath and body products. Please test each application with your own formulations to see what works best for you!

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 We test all our fragrances by actually using them in hundreds of batches soy candles made daily at our candle factory.  When you purchase fragrance oils from the Scented Nest, you can be certain that your end product will smell just right!  They are rigorously tested in soy wax.  We package our oils in plastic bottles to help alleviate shipping cost.

Fragrance Oil Return Policy: To keep the integrity of our fragrance oils, we cannot accept returns on fragrance oils for any reason. Please order small sizes to ensure that our products are both pleasing to your nose and work with your products.  NO RETURNS of any fragrance or essential oils.  This is a US regulation for safety and inegrity of oils used in body products 

+pure aromas
We strive to offer only the best products - and our fragrance oils are no exception! We offer non-diluted, 100% full strength fragrance oils specially formulated for soy wax. We are continually testing to find the best possible fragrances around.

+the notes
A typical fragrance contains from 30 to more than 200 different ingredients in infinitely variable proportions. The key is to create a fragrance with the perfect combination of Top Notes, Mid Notes and Base Notes. The top note is the first impression. It is the fragrance the customers notice when they unscrew the lid of our soy candles.  Sometimes the top note is everything… Sometimes you don't want much top-note at all.  middle note: This is the heart and soul of the fragrance. It's most prominent after the top-note recedes. The middle note is what you experience while the candle is burning . Depending upon the product and who's using it, you may want a subtle or pronounced mid-note. base note: This is the note with tenacity, the lingering scent in a candle.  Some aromas rely heavily on base notes. Others should have only a minimal base note.

+the making of our fragrance oils
Many of our fragrance oils are infused with pure essential oils.  We don't use "carrier oils" as all of our fragrances are formulated for soy wax.  The formulations include aroma chemicals and all natural materials that are approved for safety by IFRA.  Our perfumers don't start with a "base" and add materials to it - they formulate with materials that will create the scent throw required.  i.e.…if they are creating an orange fragrance oil they may start with an orange oil base…

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